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Yogesh Uniyal – Founder of Leela Foundation

Yogesh Uniyal is currently pursuing PHD in Computer Science from Rajasthan University and holds master’s degrees in computers, American Literature and Child Psychology. He has more than 12 years of Experience as a founding director of a renowned NGO in Rishikesh. He has more than 18 years of teaching experience. His commitment to, and love for the children is one of the “special ingredients” that makes his students such a success.


Sohan Rana – Co-founder and Secretary of Leela Foundation

Sohan previously served as Vice Principal of a reputed school, a 501(C)(3) serving underprivileged children. He also served as a volleyball coach.  He is currently self-employed in commercial real estate practice and management. A graduate in Education (B.Ed.)  with a master’s degree in Indian history, Sohan is pursuing his Master's in education from HNB University. His heart is always with the education, wellbeing and upliftment of underprivileged children.

Sohan Rana.PNG

Prateek Rastogi – Co-founder and Member of Leela Foundation

Prateek Rastogi, M.Com, is a post graduate professional counsellor at Akash Institute. He has his own private practice giving tuition and has managed his own business for over 12 years. He first started working for non-profits in 2012 when he became Account Project executive in Rishikesh and worked with underprivileged children in Rishikesh. He is committed to supporting Leela Foundation.

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Eileen Power – P.R.O and Mentor of Women and Childcare Program of Leela Foundation

Eileen Power is an Irish woman who has been travelling to India for many years. She has a deep love for India and the Indian people. She is honoured to be a part of Leela Foundation and the amazing work being done.

Vikram Singh Gill – P.R.O & Youth Vocational Training Head

Vikram Singh Gill is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He has had a successful career in industry. After this success, Vikram knew he wanted to give back to society and help children who did not have the many opportunities in life that he had been given. In 2020, he met his old computer teacher, Yogesh Uniyal and decided to join Leela Foundation to dedicate the rest of his life to supporting these beautiful and most deserving children. He says, “I fell in love with him (Yogesh) upon first seeing his warm, loving eyes.” Vikram continues to support Leela Foundation in various ways as it expands and envisions even greater things for the future.

Vikram Singh Gill.PNG

Arun Arora – P.R.O & Member of Leela Foundation

Arun Arora graduated from the university of Garhwal, Uttarakhand with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. After graduation, Arun was selected from thousands of candidates to be an assistant bank manager in a national bank. After 10 years of service, he was promoted to branch manager. As a bank manager he served clients across various industries. Arun quickly discovered his passion for working with non-profit organizations and decided to spend his weekends volunteering at different non-profits near his workplace. While working in Haridwar, Arun discovered the Leela Memorial School where he volunteered his time by performing a pro bono audit of the school’s finances and helped prepare financial reports for prospective donors. Arun was very impressed by the school’s large impact on a lean budget, Arun continued to volunteer his time as Public Relation Officer (PRO) in various projects in a remote capacity. He returned to the school to help build on the founder’s vision of achieving long-term financial stability. And to fulfil his old computer teachers dream “education and food for all.

Priyanshu Gupta – Member

Priyanshu Gupta joined Leela Foundation in 2022 when he was only 18 years old. He grew up with his teachers and learned to give back to the society. In 2021, he got selected in HCL as a trainee and continued his work with HCL. Currently he is working remotely with students around his own age to motivate them to work for society and encouraging them to develop the habit of giving back to society which he learned himself from his own teachers while he was at school.

Priyanshu Gupta.PNG

James Phillip Miner- Member

Having graduated with honours from the University of Michigan in interdisciplinary studies, James embarked on an educational trajectory transcending the typical boundaries of human interaction. As a published author and musician, James traveled to more than 30 countries, absorbing the diversity of cultural wisdom, later teaching in India, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and the United States. 

Studying with numerous spiritual and philosophical luminaries of this age, James eventually met his master, a mountain in Colorado USA. The meeting transformed his consciousness and he began to see the evolution of human consciousness through the Greater Eyes of Nature. As represented in his two published books, Honorable Animal, and How to Topple Tyrants, James elucidates what his presence and teachings represent.

 James wholeheartedly supports the ethos and vision governing the Leela Foundation. Over time he has witnessed the balance of love and wisdom in Leela’s teaching method, inspiring happily motivated and well educated students. James has full confidence in the founding members to manifest their vision and whole heartedly supports its incarnation

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