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While life is very difficult for these family’s day to day, it can be especially difficult for the women and mothers of the community. The Women's Vocational centre was established in 2017 as a place just for them. To provide social support and personal empowerment. The program provides opportunities for women of all ages to learn. The ‘Earning While Learning’ (EWL) Women’s Empowerment Program provides the opportunity to learn cooking, tailoring, knitting, and fine crafts. We help to market these products in India and around the world, and 100% of proceeds are reinvested in the program to cover each woman’s salary, operations, and materials.

Thanks To Eileen Power Who sells our handmade dolls in her country to help our women empowerment program in Haridwar Uttarakhand India.

 We welcome volunteers who are talented in knitting, tailoring, or sewing to share their skills with the women in our program. We also appreciate donations towards new sewing machines so that we can hire more women and create an even larger impact. 

A success story from our Women's Vocational Teacher Training Program

 As a member of the mentoring program Mrs. Anita Chauhan teaches confidence and pride as well as practical skills to her peers. At the innocent age of 14, Anita was forced by her parents to marry a man ten years her senior. Shortly after the ceremony, Anita began to be badly abused by her husband. The couple eventually had three children, but her husband would disappear for long periods of time. It was up to Anita to support her family in a culture that disdains fatherless families. Sadly, Anita's story is similar to many of the women in Pauri Garhwal. These are the families most likely to benefit by the Leela's Empowerment Program and the school we need to build.

Our aim is to teach empowerment to empower others.


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