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Our Journey of Compassion

In 2017, in Haridwar, Uttarakhand a group of friends came together, filled with compassion by what they had witnessed over the years. They saw people stuck in a seemingly unbreakable cycle of poverty. People that could not afford to allow their children to either enter formal education or to remain in it. They had to have their children go to work to enable the family to survive.  This group of friends, joined by dedicated former students, were filled with compassion, and this compassion gave rise to a profound intention—to light up lives and ignite hope. To change lives. This spark of humanity gave birth to Leela Foundation, an NGO that beats with a heart full of love. Every journey has its roots in a heartfelt desire for change. Our journey is no different. We share dreams of a world where every child, every woman, and every youth can rise above their circumstances. Together, we decided to turn these dreams into a reality, setting the cornerstone of Leela Foundation. 

Empowering Dreams, Transforming Lives

At Leela Foundation, we stand unwavering in our mission to empower the underprivileged: rural children, youth, and women. We believe in the transformative power of love, education, and opportunity. Empowerment is more than a word to us; it is the heartbeat of our organization. It is behind every action we take. With each child we educate, with each woman we empower, and with each youth we equip with skills to support themselves, we witness dreams taking flight and we see lives being transformed.

Digital Education: Illuminating Pathways

In these modern times, digital education, we believe, is not just knowledge but a radiant torch lighting the way to a better life. It equips individuals to not only earn a livelihood but, in the process, it raises awareness on vital issues. Our aim is to bring world-class digital education right to the doorsteps of village schools. In the glow of a digital screen, we see hope and potential for the future. Our digital education programs aren't just about classroom learning. They are about illuminating pathways to brighter futures.

Holistic Approach: Nurturing Wholesome Futures

 We recognize that children’s education cannot flourish in isolation. Health is inseparable from education; a sick child cannot attend school, and ailing parents struggle to support their children. Leela Foundation opens its arms and extends its embrace to include the well-being of families, ensuring they thrive together. Our holistic approach is a promise. A promise that no one will be left behind. When we nurture the health of families, we're nurturing the future of communities, which will reach far into future generations.

Women Empowerment: Unleashing Strength

Our Women’s Vocational Training (Earning While Learning, EWL) programs are designed to unleash the immense strength and potential of women. We firmly believe that a healthy and empowered mother is the cornerstone of a thriving community. In every woman, we see boundless strength, that is not always released. We, at Leela Foundation, facilitate women becoming the best they can be, allowing that strength to be unleashed. When a woman is empowered, she doesn't just change her own life; she transforms the world around her.

Youth Empowerment: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

Empowering our youth is paramount. Our Youth Vocational programs equip young individuals with skills and knowledge to excel in the job market, enabling them to lead their communities towards a brighter future. Today’s youth are the architects of tomorrow. We provide them with the tools to build a brighter, more promising world for themselves and their communities.

A Vision of Unity

Our vision extends beyond the boundaries of our communities. We believe in civic driven change, where society as a whole actively participates in our welfare initiatives. It's not just about changing lives; it's about changing the world. Together, we can paint a vision of unity, where everyone is a part of the solution. Our journey toward change is not solitary; it's shared.

Join Hands, Share Hearts

We extend our hand to you, inviting you to share in our journey. Together, we can infuse more love, hope, and light into the lives of those who need it most.

Join us in this incredible journey of compassion. Your support is the key to illuminating pathways, nurturing dreams, and uniting hearts.

Thank you for stepping into the world of Leela Foundation. Your support is the key to illuminating pathways and nurturing dreams. Join us as we continue to create brighter tomorrows, one heart at a time.


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