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Leela Memorial school was purpose built to give the children of the village and surrounding areas a top-quality education that will shape leaders of the future.

Leela Memorial School is a respected, highly esteemed educational institution that was established on September 21, 2022, by its Founder and President, Yogesh Uniyal. The school's inauguration was marked by a gathering holy men, ascetics, and highly dedicated individuals who have devoted themselves to the service others living in very unfortunate circumstances. The school's clear mission is to provide high-quality education to children from poverty stricken families as this is the only way out of poverty for these children. Without education they will be forced to live their lives in the same conditions as their parents and their parents before them. It is located in the extremely poor village of Peeli Padav, Haridwar. The school opened its doors on April , 23, and in its first year, it welcomed 100 children from nursery age (3) up to standard VIII (year 8). The school currently has seven fully furnished rooms, and an additional thirteen rooms are under construction to meet the needs of its growing student population. The school is spread over 4750 square meters and provides indoor and outdoor recreational facilities for the all-round development of the students. The dedicated staff at the school work tirelessly to ensure that the students receive the best possible education and support.

Many students won awards in our 1st year, which is fabulous, it shows us that they have a genuine thirst for education and knowledge. The children that started with us last April are not the same as they were. They love coming to school and have great fun in recess or on festival days. They are growing as people already and love learning. They love their teachers and each other.

We have now entered our second year of educating these students and it has become apparent that the need is huge. We had people queuing up to try to enrol their children as already our reputation for being an excellent school is growing. Unfortunately, we are dictated to by financial constraints as to how many students we can take and this year we have 150. Though if we could afford to, we could have many more.

All educational requirements are met for the children. They have been supplied with uniforms, textbooks, copybooks, pens etc. There is a brand-new computer lab so that they will be able to compete in the information age. All the students are fed hot nutritional meals twice a day 6 days a week. For many of them this is all the food they will get as often there is none at home.

This is all done with the help of sponsors, and we desperately need sponsors. At the moment we have 60 students that need sponsorship. They get the same as the other children but it’s a huge strain as apart from the students needs there are other responsibilities to be met. Running costs for the school, utilities, teachers’ salaries. It’s a massive undertaking and we really need any and all help we can get.

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